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If you're seeking quality micro-damage-repair for your vehicle, you have found it. This is a green friendly alternative for minor automotive bodywork using no body fillers, primers, or paint. Using my convenience 100% mobile service saves you time by completing repairs at your home or office. I am honest and easy to talk with, so make your appointment today. Don't want to wait for me to come to you? Just snap some pictures with your digital camera or smart phone, then email them to me. I’ll get the estimate back to you by the next business day. When taking pictures simply stand 2-4 feet away, at a 45-degree angle, so I can best see the location and depth of damage.

Seth Pendell

The Artist - Seth Pendell

I have been making my customers very happy for the last 12 years. I am honest and easy to talk with. 100% Mobile, I can come to your home or office. Make your appointment today for a free estimate.


I started my PDR training in 1998. Quality technicians and other people learning the skill surrounded me. This environment helped me excel into the highly skilled technician I am today. After a few years working the field, I relocated to south Florida. I gained experience working on some of the exotic cars I had always dreamed of. This move helped me hone my skills to a higher level of quality repairs and a deep passion for my career. Florida was a very seasonal market and the summers were slow. I started to travel around the country chasing hail-damaging storms. I would work in body shops and with insurance companies fixing vehicles that were damaged by the hail. This was yet another rewarding move that helped me learn all the in and outs of how cars were constructed. In 2008 I settled back in Wisconsin. Every week I have just one goal, bring smiles to my customer’s faces.

February 2010, I was featured in an article written by Jenny Morgan. The article was in the national BMW magazine Roundel. I performed some incredible work on a mini cooper after it crashed in turn 12 at the famous Road America racetrack. The vehicle had gone through some safety barriers after a mechanical failure, causing several creases down both sides of the car. January 2013 I became a certified PDR Master Craftsman at Vale Training Solutions (ID# 10281). The evaluation was fun and challenging as they used a topographical camera along with computer software for measuring the repaired surface down to a +/- 8-micron passing tolerance.

Over the past 12 years I have heard several different stories how PDR was born. I’m not sure if anyone knows for sure but… The most believable was from this gentleman I had done work for while in Florida. He told me his grandfather was on an engineering team at Mercedes Benz in the 1950's. Mercedes Benz was having problems with minor damage to body panels on their production line. This team of engineers came up with a solution for fixing the problems, and hence PDR was born.


The way I like to explain the process to my customers is as follows. I use, what resembles a large set of dentist's tools to gain access and leverage to the backside of the damaged panel. I then carefully massage the metal back to Pre-damaged condition. Most smaller dents, the size of a quarter or under can be repaired very close to 100%. I am able to repair larger dents, up to the size of a beach ball or so. On large damage repairs, and on all repair for that matter, the metal has been stretch to some degree. The finished results depend on exact location, and depth of the dent. The more depth or less access to backside of dent, the less chance of a 100% repair there will be. I have spent many years perfecting my skill to obtain the highest possible repairs. The more skilled the technician, the higher quality repair you will have. Most repairs cannot be seen unless you know where to look. Integrity of the factory finish is very important; with quality PDR I can help keep your vehicle looking great.

Dents on Motorcycles

Being a motorcycle enthusiast I enjoy removing dents from fenders, and yes most gas tanks. The heavier gauged metal used on motorcycles requires different tools, equipment, and bit more patience. Winter is a great time to have repairs made on your bike. Tanks (completely drained of fuel) and fenders need to be removed and be generally clean, then delivered or shipped to me. Please email or call me for instructions and requirements about this quality service.


PDR is Pop My Dent's main service focus and expertise. Within the years we have gain valuable relationships with industry to help broaden our capabilities. Please see the list below for various services offered. If you are looking for Scratch Removal, Windshield Repair, Rim Repair, Window Tinting, or Full Portering / Detailing I would be happy to help guide you in the right direction to one of my preferred partners.


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Currently working in greater Milwaukee area.

Don't want to wait for me to come to you? Just snap some pictures to best show the damage and email them to me at or text them to 414-520-8450. I'll get the estimate back to you by the next business day.